Damage Report: Nothing is Broken!! Now Have Some Topless Photos. ;)

I went out to my storage unit this morning. No new oil on the floor (the oil currently on the floor is from my 451’s leaky oil pan), so it’s safe to assume the “leak” I observed wasn’t my car. The car also fired up and drove normally for a test drive. Well, the worst case scenario didn’t happen! :)


I think my constant disconnecting and reconnecting of the battery was also a factor in my cascading failures last night. In reality, I should have let it sit disconnected for a while instead of being impatient.

My next steps will be learning how to use my STAR machine to do an actuator reteach and checking out the brake switch. I’m just happy the car didn’t have a catastrophic failure.

And I’ll let this be a further lesson that I shouldn’t daily drive a project 450. :) It’s a $150 lesson, but a lesson nonetheless!

TL;DR - The car is still in better than advertised condition.

Note: Yes it also needs new tyres, it is a project, after all. :D

Now without further delay, have the top down photos I took before all hell broke loose!


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