so I got one of these in on Saturday. It was fairly simple

break the axle nut loose

lift it onto jack stands, take the wheel off

6 bolts at the transfer case, then the axle nut

I was having trouble getting it out of the hub, so I took of some sort of axle shield.

Then reverse, into the hub, the 6 bolts, shield, wheel and done.


Saturday I went for a short drive and got a weird grinding noise. It only lasted for a couple minutes so I actually thought it may have been the guy behind me.


today, it did it the whole way to work. It seems louder at low speeds. It doesn;t really change tone and it doesn;t sound like it speeds up with the car or engine. it doesn;t happen if iโ€™;m not moving. there is a constant grind noise with the occasional loud grind almost like the sound of a subway train going around a turn. there is no pulling to either side. WTF