“It’s just one last bump before spring,”she said. “Ok,” I thought sarcastically to myself. We all know that’s not gonna happen.

Happy spring everybody! It was literally a snow globe in Asheville today. You know, like when the little kid keeps shaking it and their parent’s like, “ok you can stop now hunny; it’s not that entertaining.” But they didn’t stop and it just kept snowing, but it has not stuck at all. Pretty cool really. One last hurrah before spring actually begins.

Not a whole lot car related today aside from that I bought some oil (mobile 1 ep full syn 10w30). Which is what I prefer if it’s on sale at the time. But what is slightly interesting, is the oil filter I got. I finally decided to try the oversized filter that fits Miatas. It’s an inch longer and 40% more filtration (according to flyin Miata). So we’ll see how that goes. Shouldn’t be any downside. What are other Miata driver’s running around here? I’ve talked to a few of you... I know you’re here!


Before I change my oil I was gonna get some sea foam (or equivalent). Never done it before, but my engine could definitely use less carbon build up. Any tips?