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dammit dammit dammit!

So, I’m not a real gadget guy. I have an HP laptop that’s not terrible but I only use it for word processing and homework and the like.

I got an iPhone 8 plus last fall because my wife insisted I get that one, and I don’t defy her when she insists on buying expensive stuff. I use my phone for Facebook, Oppo, looking at cars I can’t afford on Craigslist, restroom gaming, taking pictures of cars and my dogs, and playing music in the car.

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Last night as I was doing laundry, I dropped it in the washer. Oops. Washer was full. Double oops. While the 8 and 8 plus are water-resistant, that doesn’t apply to the charging port. Phone won’t charge at all through port. My wireless charger is at home.


dammit dammit dammit.

It’s not even noon and I’m at 31%

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