Dammit....hit a re-tread on the way in to work.

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This poor car can’t catch a break. I hit a small piece of retread that flew up and almost dodged it....until I didn’t. The support that the plastic insert attaches onto is busted. Sooooooo yeah, I need a whole new front bumper again.


I don’t want to go through insurance if I have to pay the deductible since it’s probably going to be not much more than the deductible, but I can’t figure out what agency to report the incident to, in case they do track down the truck that released it. And it damaged multiple cars so I know it happened not long before I passed through and someone is going to try and not be on the hook for having their hood smashed by the carcass.

Anyone been in this situation? It’s not a rush in the car repair sense. This is minor in the grand scheme of things.

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