I've been friend zoned by this girl I have liked since August. Anyone have any tips to get out? Full story after jump.

Well we met in my history class on the first day of school. Since then, I had a thing for her. We always talked; she knew who I was and she'd always joke around with me in class. Well she then got a boyfriend in October. She didn't really like him that much though (she told me this). In February, they broke up. She began getting really close to me again. We'd share answers in class; she'd text me a lot; we'd joke around... the usual stuff.

So today I messaged her again. I was going to try and ask her out casually; just basically ask what her plans were for Spring Break and ask if she wanted to catch a movie. It backfired.

She began talking about how she was going to be hanging out with some friends and her friends. This includes another guy. She asked if I knew one of the boys. I did; since 1st grade. so 9 years. She told me to keep it a secret and not say anything (I failed at that bit though) and she asked me about him. She blatantly asked me if he liked her and what kind of girl he wanted. Honestly, he never mentioned her name. And I didn't know what to tell her; I was honest. She became really depressed by it.

I then realized I was fucked. I was her friend who was a guy. I was nothing serious to her. I got friend zoned. Oppo, how do I get out of this zone?


The Audi S1 is there because it was the car I thought suited her most. Its something that I do from time to time.