Dammit. They had to make it right. So now I have to play it and not do anything else I should be doing.

The 90's brought lot’s of great things, but for a deep modular build game system, it brought this game off the table to the computer. It’s been gone for fifteen years now, but last month this came out. It’s good.

For 2018, released in April, It is a turn-based and third-person view game. Just like the tabletop game, and its great. I’m gonna have to get people to come over and drag me out of the house because all I want to do is figure out the most efficient builds and plan a strategic approach to missions. The challenges? Keeping the money coming in to pay for everything, the ship, the mech repairs, employees, parts and more parts. It’s just like it used to be in the original game. It’s a solo game. I like that for once. Not everything has to be an MMO or huge FPS exploitfest. It has huge replayability and lots of room for future expansion/mods/etc. I was plotting out a large writing project. I was going to start putting miles on the road bike again. Oh well. That all can wait.


[updating my thoughts: they had better talk with Steve Jackson Games about getting Car Wars in to this style of pc game. The translation works!]

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