The Civics 1.5L Turbo with a tune puts out great numbers. 240whp/280wtq.

From the post:

Finished up today’s testing and really cranked the car up — still BONE STOCK — attached a few pictures of the car leaving the dyno bay, you can see it’s all stock, down to the factory exhaust/downpipe. Just using a good high octane fuel (you will not see anywhere near these results on 87 octane!)

I wanted to find the limit of the factory clutch — and we’ve done it, right around 280wtq it started to slip, as you can see in the chart. I’ve filled in the curve with the expected torque curve if it had not slipped.

Regardless, the motor still put down about 240whp and over 280wtq — expect to see 300wtq+ #’s on this motor with some race parts, I think. And an aftermarket clutch is in the works.

in case the link gets kinja’d.