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Damn 2x

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So remember my last post? So now there are talks, although nothing official, and hopefully is just a tasteless rumor, that the Rio de Janeiro’s Military Police (the Civil Police has been on strike since January 16) wants to do a similar strike starting this friday. But if the crisis in Vitória, a quite more developed city with around 800 thousand inhabitants, caused so much mayhem, what the bloody hell is going to happen in Rio, where the metro area have over 12 million inhabitants, and being one of, if not the most dangerous crime-wise (not necessarily murder, that trophy goes to Fortaleza) major city of the country with a 26 murder per 100.000 habitants rate? Add that to the fact that Rio is probably the most armed city in the country.That Christ Statue is going to have one heck of a week saving the city.


If you wanted to come to Brazil to enjoy Carnival later this month, It’s better to stay off Rio (and Salvador too). Go to the small, much more charming historic towns like Olinda (one of the most historic and cultural carnivals of Brazil, + beaches) , Ouro Preto (gorgeous town but filled with college partygoers) or Diamantina. You will have a much better and safer experience than in Rio.

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