So my clutch was feeling like it was going the other day. I had one of my GM techs go with me on a test drive and he agreed with me that it was on its way out. So I ordered the LS7 clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, and GTO pilot bearing to get replaced. This was a few days ago and my tech finally got to it. And there was more wrong...

A clutch plate spring broke and wore down
Ruined Flywheel
Flywheel bolts all rounded off
Look at that mirror
Also the center support bearing

There was no rubber in here.... I guess it is time to go 1 piece since the flex couplers are all cracked too

Look at that

The rear main is also going out. If you look closely the pilot bearing decided to stop being a bearing. there are no needles in there at all. Which mean the input shaft is literally shaped like a hour glass. So that needed to be replaced. The T56 requires the entire trans to be disassembled from the rear. The input shaft is literally the last thing to be replaced. I am so worried that there is more damage inside. I can’t afford the clutch job to begin with. How the fuck am i going to get back on the road.... Fuck, this is the third holiday season that has been ruined by BS. And people ask why I am a grinch during the holidays.

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