Damn Craigslist Scammers

I’ve been selling attempting to sell things on Craigslsit and Facebook all year and it has been rough. So many damn scammers and flakes it’s infuriating. Facebook isn’t anonymous so the scamming is minimal, but Craigslist is bad! Unfortunately Craigslist accounts for 75% of my sales even though my Facebook and Craigslist posts are identical.

Here are a couple from the last couple days.


So this was a response this morning for the Honda ad up top. The ad was pulled yesterday afternoon so they must of saved my info beforehand. They called me right before sending the message so it seemed more legit to actually get a text from them. But who the hell even thinks about a vehicle history report on a 36 year old dirtbike that hasn’t been run in forever. It was a Pennsylvania number and there is no Aurora anywhere remotely close to where this is posted. Scammers are so bad at their job it’s ridiculous. As you can see my patience has ran quite thin with them as of late.

Also watch out for these new scams where they use your phone number to set up a Google account by sending your phone a six digit code which you forward to them.

So if any of you are extra bored today, there are some phone numbers up top and an email address to play with.


What do you do with scammers?

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