Personal rant incoming:

It all started Friday. It should’ve been a good day because I was finally home from a far too long 12 day work trip. My wife and son were going to a concert three hours away that they’d both been looking forward to for months.

Well, 10 miles from the venue she blew a tire. They were able to safely get to the side of the road and call AAA. They get picked up and the tow truck driver was nice enough to drop them at the venue on his way to the shop and they at least managed to catch the last 45min. All was good till AAA called to tell her they had mistakenly dropped her car at a shop only open Monday-Friday 8-5 instead of one that could look at it Saturday like she’d requested. So now she has to get a rental car till it’s ready and take tomorrow off work to get it.


Now, our furnace has cut out. Thankfully we have a home warranty, and I was able to put in for an emergency request. Given that it’s a holiday week though we’ll see when they can get to us. I’m not sure what we’ll do if they can’t come soon. We have two cats and a dog so our option of places to go if they can’t come soon are limited.

Ah well, it’ll all get fixed, and we’ll be good till the next blow-up.

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