Minorly related engine pic for your time.

Working overnights takes a toll on a person. I’ve been on this schedule for 4 years now, and time seems to pass quickly, but I swear I’ve never really gotten used to the hours. I do know that the schedule directly contributes to the weird sleeping patterns I now have. Unless I take something that my doc prescribed for me, I can’t sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time. It doesn’t matter when I fall asleep, in no more than 4 hours I’ll be awake again without drugs in my system. Of course then there’s when I set myself up to fail. Today is a prime example of that.

Before SEMA, the fine folks at COBB Tuning contacted me looking to borrow my car to do some product testing. They contacted me again on Monday, so I took my car over to them this morning. I got a free hat and shirt out of the deal, but I get to say that COBB worked on my car at their HQ for product testing, so there is that. So that meant I was up past 9:30 this morning when I would normally be drugged and sleeping by 8am.

Then FedEx rang my doorbell at 9:45 to deliver a laptop I had ordered. Of course no new computer can go unmolested in it’s box when it’s just sleep I’m sacrificing, so I stayed up a while and got some things moved from my old machine to the new one. I shouldn’t have done that. At One this afternoon I realized that I was only going to get a couple hours of sleep before I had to get up again.

So now I sit at work, awake only by the grace of 5 hour energy.

Not a Cobb part in evidence, but they liked my car anyway...