been looking for a cheap Starion/Conquest to impulse buy to relive my youth. unfortunately, they're getting fairly rare. finally, one comes up on the local craigslist.

* paint is completely shot. that's fine. it would just be a beater car anyway.

* "has 58xxx original miles but new gauge cluster reads 69," likely full of shit, but okay...

* "100% stock unmolested with rebuilt bottom end" only way the bottom end would need to be rebuild with 58k miles is if the car was ran without oil, which likely means the turbo is shot, but okay...

* "Only problems, radio doesn't work, driver side seatbelt off track, ABS light and WASH light on, hood pop latch missing, no muffler, back window wiper doesn't work, a/c not hooked up & tires are a little weather checked." well, at least he's somewhat honest

* "Interior 8/10" the driver's seatbelt isn't functional and yet it's 8/10?!

* "Power everything all works, heater" thank God a car built in the 80's has a functioning heater.


* "has all original smog equipment minus muffler" well, at least the turbo suppresses some of the sound

* "$4000 comes with a huge amount of extra parts might want to bring a truck." four thousand what? American dollars? WTF?! and why would I need to bring a truck to pick up all of the spare parts for a car with supposedly 58k miles?!


this is not the Starion I am looking for.

and I never understood this:


you drive a beater. Nicholas Cage is not going to bribe the DMV to track down the location of this car to steal it and be gone in 60 seconds. and, even if he was going to:

you didn't even block the license plate in all of the pictures you uploaded.