Front left CV started clicking on the E46 325XI wagon yesterday. I have the axle sitting here, so may as well do it. Start on it around 8:30am, I decide to pull the strut to get the access I need. Simple. 1 pinch bolt and down it’ll come.

Then the damn bolt head sheared off. DAMN IT!

7:30pm, $80 in bits later and I still haven’t completely finished drilling it out. It’s 90% there, but my tennis elbow is killing me, and I don’t need the car to get to work, so screw it.


I’ll finish it tomorrow.

I’m so pissed I can’t even come up with an image for your time. Sorry.

EDIT : After the shock of it went away I googled the problem. I only got “E46 Strut Pinc” typed in before it autocompleted “E46 strut pinch bolt broke”. Sigh. Guess I should have googled it first before digging in. At least I know and will go a different way of heat the shit out of it first when I do the other side. 

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