I just really want a big and powerful Audi estate

All I really want is a RS6 C6 Avant because twin turbo V10 wagon

I want to have this beast of car wrapped in a dad mobile. And the craving lately for an Audi wagon has me trying to do some dumb ass shit. Because all I want after the GTO sells and I wait for my TVR is to have an estate and I want to tow my other stuff with it and have all wheel drive and to have the space! I have been looking at the worst bottom of the barrell Allroads because the 2.7t is awesome.


And because I can’t have my RS6 here in the US until 2033-35 (2008-2010MY). So I just want a cheap to buy big Audi wagon to hoon in the snow and to daily etc.


Update: Omg that color!