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Damn It, Craigslist

I started looking for a Galaxie last night to replace the Corvair, this morning I find this:

1963 1/2 Galaxie 500 originally 352 car, now has 460-c6. Car is hideous yellow, needs hood scoop reworked. Comes with 4 torque thrust wheels. Interior is junk but body is very solid for the year. Has nice aftermarket floor shifter. The car is very solid, I have the bumpers and most all of the chrome. $2500 OBRO


It's a '63, which is my preference...wife likes the '64 better. It has a 460 which may or may not run, who knows, that isn't really valuable information in a car ad anyway, right? Looks pretty solid for a Maine car, and most importantly of all, it has a Thunderbolt hood. If I'm going to have a Galaxie, I want that hood scoop. I'm aware it's more appropriate on a Fairlane, but huge Ford, so who cares?


Also, look at those seats! What do we think, some kind of '80s Lincoln? Can anybody identify them?

Corvair goes on eBay today. I'd probably have to change my name to Guardian of the Galaxie...

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