I knew the gas gauge on the Miata didn’t work. I knew the last time it got fuel was when my brother was here for Christmas. I knew it wasn’t smart to go over 200 miles on a tank of gas. But like the pretentious dumbass that I am, I assumed my brother forgot to reset the trip meter when he filled it up last time because that’s the kind of brother I am.

The Miata is fine, it just ran out of gas. The only damaged thing here is my own ego and I think I had that coming.

Thanks to SidewaysOnDirt, JimZ, and iSureWill for the help, though.

Took the Miata up to the auto parts store to get MAF sensor cleaner for the 3. Now I’m stranded because the Miata won’t run. Details after the jump.

Miata has been fine for a while. We’ve been using it a bit more lately because the weather has been quite mild for January and because my 3 has been temperamental (story for another time).


Took it to get coffee on the way to the auto parts store. Initially, it seemed to bog a little under 2500 rpm, but it just sat in sub freezing temperatures for a week, so I figured it just needed to run for a bit and it’d be fine. Seemed fine by the time I stopped to get coffee, started up fine, made it to the auto parts store fine.

Got my stuff, got in the car, started it up, put it in reverse and let the clutch out and it started to stall. Back into neutral. Idle stumbled and it stalled. Start. Stall. Shit.

Check engine light’s been on since maybe September (not my car), but thought I’d see what the code was. P0455, major EVAP leak. Forums say the symptoms point to a vacuum leak somewhere.


Let it sit 10-15 minutes. Start. Stall.

Can anyone help?