Got news on my dog today that I didn’t want to hear.

She’s at the vet for a routine check-up and they have discovered several things. She has a Stage 1 heart murmur and an enlarged heart. And, she has a severe build-up of bacteria on her gums and gum line. This is getting into her bloodstream and making things harder on her heart. She needs a full dental examination and cleaning, which dogs are put under anesthesia for. However, they can’t do the anesthesia if her heart can’t take it. Currently, we are having a heart x-ray done to check its condition and we are having bloodwork done to monitor the level of bacteria.

Ugh. She’s about to turn eleven-years-old, so I was kind of expecting some things to happen. But then again, I thought she was so healthy. She’s very active for her age and is not overweight at all. So, there were no signs of anything wrong. I guess it’s just a blessing that we had her yearly checkup today.

My wife and I adopted her when she was four-years-old in 2012, right after we got married. She was and is our first baby. I’m hoping she does alright with all of this. My wallet sure won’t. Our vet bill is already at $300.00 and they aren’t done yet. I know they aren’t swindling us or making stuff up, because my mother-in-law works there and has for twenty years. She’s the one relaying all the info to me.

So, keep my little dog and my family in your thoughts or prayers or whatever. Thanks!