I really want this truck to be in good shape, but she’s throwing curve balls at me. I just had an oil change and tire rotation, and they told me my sway bar link is broken on drivers side.

Part # 48820-34020 - my local stealership wants $158 and they have it in stock. I get can it online for $90 or so. Or, I can get Moog link on RockAuto for $21, or Mevotech for $24. I was about to shop on RockAuto for rear Bilstein shocks anyway, so I figured maybe I can just buy it all together, and with that low Moog price, I can just buy both ends and replace the passenger side as well.

Anyway, I know nothing of these aftermarket brands. Are they any good, considering the cost is 1/7th of OEM? Or should I bite the bullet and spend $200 on OEM parts?