Why are so many FR-S/BRZs for sale salvage titles? Oh, right.

So I’m looking into “fun” vehicles to buy after I sell my M5, and the Toyotabru twins are on my list (along with the NA Miata, S13 240sx, and Jeep XJ). Seems like half of them on Craigslist are salvage title with “some minor collision” that totaled the car. Are these things easily “totalable?” And I don’t mean that as “Are they easy to spin into a tree?” but as “Does a minor collision result in high repair costs?”


The whole point of selling the M5 is to get something that is cheap (or cheap-ish), fun to drive, and I can beat on it without too much worry (the M5 is too much of a collector’s item to beat on it). So I’m not too worried about resale since this will be a track car I hope to keep a while, but I don’t want it to cost what I paid for the car to fix a minor hit at the track.

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