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Damn, Mexico, you scawwy.

This has a similar symbolical meaning as in the US

Trying to research some facts about cycling numbers in Mexico City I typed into google “Numero de ciclistas en Mexico” and google gave me back the results of all of the cyclists that are murdered, including the owner of a telecom company and three tourists.

I tend to ignore stories about violence because it’s a given I live in a dangerous country, and it’s funnier to read the comment section on how FIFA fined the Mexican Football Federation for the stupid assholes in Russia shouting a homophobic slur.

But man, May has been the most deadly month on record since records are kept about violence, and our homicide rate is set to reach almost ten homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, its a ludicrous number! Just today, the police killed four people and arrested 25 suspects for a fucking gun fight in Mexico City... It’s not 1810, I thought we didn’t have actual Mexican Standoffs anymore!

We’re also having a spike of crimes against women, so called feminicidios are investigated as hate crimes atop being murders. Just a few days ago a trans woman was murdered, but, in a turn of events, LGBTQ+ groups are calling for the investigation to be carried out as a hate crime, so I guess we’ve got a bit of inclusion and acceptance in an otherwise dreadful situation.


But these are due to pockets of violence, as I said before, I live in a country of bubbles, like Mexico City that has a fairly respectable 5.5 per 100k, it used to be closer to 3 but something is something!

It’s lower than Boston’s 5.7, so suck it Boston!

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