*Note I don't have anything against Miata Drivers* Story Ahead

70 degrees today, I gave my car a quick wash and drove it with the top down all day.


I must state that since getting my driver's license two weeks ago, I have done my share of reckless driving, but I have calmed down a lot.

As I was leaving rugby practice today, top down and all, I noticed a red Miata, also top down, pretty much stock except the wheels were painted black. As we leave the sports complex at which I practice, he begins to accelerate and seems unable to stay in his lane (one lane road.) We get to the end of the road and turn right onto another one lane road and he begins to do the same thing. the speed limit is 25 and he is going fast enough to loose his license if there were any cops around. I'm of course, chasing. We get to a point where the road goes left a bit over train tracks and comes back down in a slight right. (pictured below)


As he approaches, he does not brake (I do) and once he reaches the other side his rear right wheel goes off of the curb and he bottoms out. Sparks fly and I can smell it from my driver's seat. He continues driving and at this point slows down to the sped limit which has increased to 35. We get to a stop sign with 3 drivers ahead of us and as we wait, he and his passenger turn around. The passenger ,who appears to be no more than 8 years old, smiles and flicks me off. The driver who seems to be just barely 16 (I'm 16) waves. I don't really care for their gestures, on the outside I have my left hand on the wheel and my right on the shift knob and a blank stare on my face, Warren G & Nate Dogg "Regulate" playing, but on the inside I am laughing at them. My car is in neutral and I rev my engine at them, I have a sport muffler so my engine is pretty loud, and they immediately turn around. From there on it was a calm drive home, probably because the person ahead of them drove like a sane person. I was glad, I was afraid that our inexperience would cause someone to get hurt.