Found these for sale on Kijiji in Alberta...other side of the country from me, but very surprised to see them as they are FAR from a common ‘classic’ here in Canada! This guy has TWO! I contacted him for fun and he isn’t really open to selling them one at a time right now, which is a’s more of a ‘feeler’ ad. I would say he’ll have far less chance selling them together as who is out there looking for TWO ‘weekend’ cars at once?


He said if he ever sold them separately, he’d do $5500 for the teal one (a newer car from 1996, but unrestored and in slightly worse shape) and $10,000 for the fully restored white one. I would want the later teal EL model car, but he also wouldn’t tell me what options were on either car, which I thought was odd...”for options wouldn’t matter as price would be firm”...he said. Not sure how the price make any difference on what options the cars have. Pretty sure anybody who knows the cars will DEFINITELY want to know the options on them regardless of price (myself included!).

$5500 is not a bad price, but that’s excluding the shipping I would pay to get it here from Alberta. All told, I could probably import a near-mint one from Poland for something like $6000 CAD including shipping, etc. Will definitely be keeping an eye on the ad though! :D

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