I just noticed today that the Lambda trucklets use 6-lug hubs. Something I thought was pretty exclusive to trucks or truck based things. My Safari doesn't even have 6-lug hubs.

I'm guessing this either means they're hellaciously heavy (which isn't the case, the heaviest being about 4,900lbs), or are rather heavy duty underneath for car-ish crossovers.

In all honesty I don't know what it means, I just know usually the lighter a car is, the fewer lugs it has, which is why the Miata has 4. The more heavy duty it is, the more lugs it has, which is why the 2500 Chevy trucks have 8.

Also during my unsuccessful research of trying to figure out why the hell they have 6-lugs, I learned the first-gen CTS had 6-lug wheel because it shared spindles with the 1500 trucks. Which means my dad's Silverado is part Cadillac!