Damn that's a cheap flight!

I have seen flights in the $20-40 range to Vegas from LAX before but that is a new low! I am not looking to fly there on that date but came across it while researching creative methods to get an affordable flight home for christmas without having to fly on Spirit (not that Frontier is any better of course).

Flights in general look super cheap when just given the “within the next 6 month window”. Using the “explore” feature is probably one of my favorite things to do since crazy cheap stuff just pops out sometimes. And its wild to me how distance isnt really directly proportional to cost either.


But for my actual dates that I need to get home for Christmas, and an end goal of the NY/NJ area in mind, its a bit more bleak.

And I really need to find a way to filter out Spirit but the “airlines” drop down at the top is not doing what I need it to. I am most likely going to take a long layover in Vegas Thursday night since I can get on Delta for $190 total through there with the ~7 hour custom layover. But it sure beats spending slightly more on Spirit (with layover in Vegas anyways) or spending almost double for any other flight out of LA. I can try other dates I guess too but it just means more days off than I want to use at that point. I also find it mildly entertaining trying to find creative flight paths.

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