I was at a friends house in Greenville SC last night for a stock the bar party. Not sure if that’s a real thing or not, but I had fun, nevertheless. I see some of you carried the torch in unnecessarily shopping for cars in my absence:

Anyways, one of the guys there drives an E90 328i and was talking about wanting a 135i. Naturally, when I got home today I sent him a link to one. Sadly, he can’t drive a stick; however, he did express interest in learning. Mentioned something about buying a Miata to learn on. I did tell him that if he bought one I would drive to ATL to help him get it home. I was surprised how cheap some 135i’s have become so I figured I should look at 128i’s. After sitting in traffic in Greenville on Friday, I also had this idea that I might want to change the DD back to an auto, so I looked up some 128i’s.

Naturally, since I said I was thinking about getting an auto, I searched for manuals.


These things have gotten really cheap. I paid 15k for my 128i back in October 2015; this is half that. If you’re thinking about a small BMW, consider the 128i, they’re pretty great cars.

Also saw this post, found it to be humorous.


I don’t like to stir shit, but I would like to address a couple things.

  1. Sadly I don’t make oil money anymore, maybe again one day. (I did try to recently change my username to “E90M3 - future oil baron.”)
  2. I’m not fat, I’m large and in charge.
  3. Not going to pick a car, that’s why it’s unnecessary car shopping.
  4. The E90 M3 is a fantastic car, that’s why I own one. I also can’t afford a Porsche turbo.
  5. I was also very intoxicated last night.