Cars & Coffee is good for a great many things. For one it is the best way to start a new month bar none if you are a car head. But it is also good for digging up a lingering want…

Hint: You can see it in the thumbnail, and if you do click play see the footage of the car @ 1:46, when I first noticed it roll up in my peripheral vision. I actually sprinted after it after I forced myself to finish that mustang shot.

The DeLorean. I've always wanted one, but could never secure one. I've worked towards the goal of obtaining one for many times over the past decade, but never even got close. Life just has the tendency to get in the way when you pursue the dream of getting into a DeLorean of your own. At least for me.

First it was that promotion I did not get, then I moved to the USA to marry my then girlfriend, then I bought a house, had to paint said house and now there are 2 kids. In all honesty, no DeLorean could ever come close to the awesomeness that is my kids, but I digress.


I thought I was cured. I did not even think about wanting a DeLorean for probably 3 years. And then that stainless wonder shows up in all its glory… You can actually get close to it, leave fingerprints on the stainless (with permission) and admit to the owner you've wanted one for the longest time. The guy told me he had driven it daily for 6 years. And he looked a fair bit younger than me. I was geeking out…

I realize some people can just drop 30k and get one that looks great and goes greater. As far as cars go the DeLorean is still a very affordable car.


I am happy for the owner of this DeLorean, happy he got to realize his dream. As for me? It'll pass I'm sure. I'll ride the wave of saving for one until life gets in the way yet again. But it'll always be a lingering want. The car that is on my bucket list. One of many if I am completely honest… But still one that resides firmly in the top.

Now if I could only hit that raise in December…