Contained herein is a semi-pointless rant about the price of gasoline. And some awesome hair.

Back in ancient history times of 2001, when I was but a wee 19 year old with a jewfro*, I could fill up the '92 Integra GSR I was driving at the time with premium unleaded for cheap. Like less than a dollar a gallon. It was glorious. Times were good.

Now, after inflation, multiple wars, hurricanes, recessions, and whatever else, gas is expensive. We all know this. But what really bugs me is gas stations have all decided they need to price gouge on premium just a liiiiitle bit more.

Where gas stations used to charge a price for regular, and jump up by 10 cents to mid-grade and premium, now they've changed those 10 cent jumps to 20 cent jumps. There were a few remaining holdouts here in Madison who were only doing 10 or 15 cent jumps, but no longer. Every single gas station in town has jumped on the bandwagon. I'm screwed.


Damn you gas stations!

* - I'm jewish which is why I can call it a jewfro. When in doubt, if you are unsure of a white person with a fro's religion, err on the side of not calling it a jewfro. FYI.


(Even with a jewfro, I was allowed to be a camp counselor and be entrusted to care for people's children. It was a jewish summer camp.)