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Damned Good Airplane....

The Howard GH1 on this cover’s informal name was DGA (Damn Good Airplane). My father recently told me a story about this.

Last time I was home, my dad gave me this magazine because it reminded him of his older brother Joe who died 50 years ago in 1970. Joe was the oldest child of the 8 children. He was 20 years older than my dad who was the youngest .


Joe was crippled from polio in high school and lived his adult life in his parents house. He had to participate from afar in his passions that included Champ Car racing, steam locomotives, cars, boats and airplanes.

My dad told me he was with Joe at the hospital when he passed. Joe was quiet but still breathing and dad was wondering if he was alert. So he whispered into Joe’s ear “DGA”. Joe responded “Damn Good Airplane”. Those were Joe’s last words.

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