This is hard to explain but easy to see, so bear with me. I’m trying to hook up my existing mufflers/tailpipe to the forced-upon-me-new headers. The issue that keeps coming after me is that the distance on-center between the collectors vs muffler inlets is far enough off from the old shortys (with downpipes I made) that I can’t get things lined up.


In order to have things square and lined up to the headers, the muffler inlets would need to be about 6" apart on-center, which isn’t possible. With the exhaust inlets where they should be, the collector pipes end up about 6" too wide (go figure) because of basic geometry.

This means that with both ends lined up, the collector flanges aren’t square and, unlike my awesome old headers, these don’t have ball collectors that let you make up some slop in that connection.

Unless anyone has a better idea, I think this means I’ll be heading back to Summit to spend more money I don’t have on a couple flex couplings (the braided sort of deal) to replace the H-pipe T’s. I’m upset that I’ll be losing the h-pipe (goodbye perfect exhaust sound) but at least it’ll be drivable.

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