Damnit, I Don't Want A Subaru!

But by all rights a Crosstrek or Impreza hatch meet my requirements. It has to have above-sports-car ground clearance (that and price exclude the STI), AWD or 4WD, be reasonably non-lame to drive, and ideally manual transmission, not too expensive, and have fuel economy that makes me feel like I’m not a horrible person (but then again, I’m not commuting every day, so that’s a less vital requirement than it used to be...)

I would be selling/trading the FieSTa, which I expect, given that I have hit a bear, driven the pants off it and generally just owned it for nearly 70K miles will not be worth much more than $8K... I have money, but I also have a startup business, so I can’t just be profligate... Tell me I’m being stupid, or don’t? I grew up with Subarus, They are my Minivan... argh. Also, I’m just not super in love with the current (or even recent) offerings from the six-star-company... :P


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