Damnit! I Keep Falling Back in Love With the Amanti

When I’m away from the Amanti, I want to get rid of it for something “better.” Then the second I touch the door handles, I’m as mushy as the suspension. If you are into human-centered design, then Hyundais, Kias, and most Chrysler products will be what you gravitate to. It’s the advantage the Korean automakers have and something the Genesis brand will hopefully exploit within a segment that is renown for lacking this feature. Best thing is that this silly goat is outstanding in that design quality.

To those wondering what a Kia Amanti rollin’ on dubs is like to own, it’s like operating a toaster on a waterbed. Buoyant and crumbing. No, not really, but you can’t help but be engaged even though nothing is happening...ever! Accelerating from 0-40mph still tricks me into thinking I’m going 60mph. Going 50mph in a 45mph feels like I’m doing highway speeds! I thought I would get used to it. NOPE! I blame it mostly on how linear and progressive the power is all the way to redline (which it lets you hit all day) and the smoothness of the shifts. Unlike a subcompact car though, it doesn’t feel like the engine is putting in any effort. So it’s like legal speeding!


The handling is great simply due to the size of the tires. It was absolutely atrocious on the stock 16's. I took an onramp coming from the airport at about 35mph and thought for sure I was going to hit the wall. You didn’t have to worry about stopping on a dime because the front end would dip enough for you to pick it up the coin as you continued on. It’s as if stopping was only a suggestion rather than a necessity. That’s pretty much the story of how it end up with the wheels...well size wise, the design is due to wanting something unique and trying to pull off something that shouldn’t even be put on to begin with...because Wobbles.

Now hold on to your butts for this next fact!


I kid you not, the turn signal stalk is the most satisfying interaction I have ever had when it comes to stalks. The wiper stalk on the other side though, not worth commenting on. But that indicator stalk, tho! I look forward to signaling a turn. I’m ecstatic about lane changes because I can’t wait to “engage the indicators.” If the Enterprise had turn signals, they would use this stalk! My lawd, if all cars were built to the level of this stalk, Pagani would pack up shoppe.

Yep, still happy with the purchase. No check engine lights are on any of the vehicles yet by the way, but I’ll notify everyone when that changes and we’ll see how many called it/them.


*Eventually I’ll tell the story of how this 2006 Kia Amanti turned me into a car enthusiast, but I want some good pictures of it which I won’t take until I get ready to sell it. I may just tell the story and skip the pictures (which I think many would enjoy either way).

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