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Damnit I need legal help now

I just received notification that a claim of debt has been filed against me in the amount of $8,300 concerning when I had been hospitalized as described in the series of posts I made over at Cigar Lounge here. As I had explained in other posts previously, I cannot afford to pay this debt and I’ve been seeking legal counsel in regards to both the debt itself and suing the therapist, his employer and the hospitals involved (detailed list of grievances below). So far I haven’t had much luck though so I’d like to reach out to the community again to see if they have anything that would be helpful.

As mentioned here’s a detailed list of grievances over why I am seeking to sue my therapist, his employer and the hospitals involved:

  • Being misled and coerced into services that may not have been necessary
  • Being misled about the nature of said services
  • Being misled about the duration of said services
  • Being misled about the financial responsibility or cost of said services
  • Being promised that methods and means were being put in place in regards to said financial assistance, only to discover such promises were never enacted upon

If it’s also helpful I was able to obtain public records of this same therapist having been censured in the past for practices and treatments used in an unapproved or unethical manner, and many of these same treatments he had performed on me.

And since somebody’s going to point out the recent posts I’ve made in regards to seeking a motorcycle to purchase and chastising me about not using that towards my debt - I recommend you read the linked Cigar Lounge post but long story short it concerns both funds for the bike and the bike itself that are not primarily intended for me.

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