the 5 only has support for limited CDMA functionality and no band 13 LTE. Verizon users get stiffed again. I’m currently on AT&T (went there to keep using Windows Phone with the Lumia 950xl), but my the new house has total shit AT&T service (1 bar of “4g” if you stand on the back deck) and very good Verizon service (4 bars of real LTE)... Frankly I’m just about fed up enough with AT&T’s half-assed coverage in Vermont to surrender my flagship Windows Phone device to either go back to my Lumia Icon, or get a wussy Lumia 735... And then I see new OnePlus phone!!! Woot! Outsider-Android I can get behind with sexxy hardware and a nice price! Yes please!!!

nope. Fucked again :P goddamnit why does the Giant Red Evil have to have such good coverage in this state and everyone else be so shitty :/

Today I was out for a walk and I couldnt even get enough speed off my AT&T LTE to listen to a podcast.

/bangs head against wall