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damnit.. this week sucks

donut here

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decided to follow me daughter n missus to the local shop for dinner but she got spooked by something and dissapeared in to the bushes.. wich is fine and she normally just goes home after that

but this time after they’d crossed the main road donut decided to fly out of the bushes and cross too... she got hit by a car.. and then another one


so instead of going shopping they ran her to the vets wheres shes currently in an oxygen box

me daughters upstairs bawling her heart out.. the missus aint doing much better

and donut might not survive till morning (vets doing what they can)

(to make things worse donut is one of the neighbourladys cats.. her kids currently on a lil holiday and hes on the autism scale and wont cope with this well... especially as they lost a cat to illness just a couple weeks ago)

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