Looked out the window yesterday and noticed one of my mf towels on the ground beside the truck in the driveway. Weird.

Went out and looked and the centre cubby is open- crap.

It’s been a crazy summer, I work in local govt as a gis’er and during this summer with wildfires I’ve been working straight since July 7th. With two kiddos after school pickup and get home is hectic at best. Add to it a stomach bug in our house and me packing in groceries and there is a good chance that I didn’t hit the lock on the way into the house Friday night.

It must have been kids, the only things they ended up taking were my little Nikon travel camera and my Fenix flashlight.. damn, I liked that flashlight.

I guess it’s a good reminder to always lock your stuff up. It’s a drag that it includes in your driveway.