Dang it, people

Louisiana is about to be the next big hotbed of infection.


People we know are posting how the restaurants in Baton Rouge are full and everyone is having a great time. In response to one of the posts, a nurse from New Orleans posted this:

I’m working at a hospital in New Orleans and we are having to turn away ACTUAL sick patients to take care of the possible COVID-19 patients...and so far only 4 of them are actual confirmed cases. How would you feel if your mother or Father had a massive stroke or aneurysm and had to be flown elsewhere because the Neuro ICU Nurse’s are having to take care of these people who refuse to use common sense. during a national emergency? Time is critical in those cases. So yes, I believe they should gotten off the streets. If hospitals across the state have implemented strict no visitor rules why should getting stupid drunk supersede family members from being there to comfort their sick and dying love ones?“


Please, people of Louisiana, I know you like to let the good times roll, but let’s be reasonable here. Stay home. You can entertain yourself by getting drunk at home for a few weeks. 

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