The newish computer, that is, not the train.

I know there are faster systems out there these days, but they cost considerably more than I’m willing to spend right now; heck, a decent CPU is probably more expensive than my total investment in this box. Even though this $200 HP i7 is 4 or 5 years old, it’s amazing how quick it is in comparison to the once fast high-end AMD system I built back in 2011. On that system, Train Simulator with moderate settings would net me about 18-22 FPS IIRC (that may have been with the dual 9800GTs and not the GTX670). I installed that program in this new machine last night, and even at maximum detail settings I was getting about 70-80 FPS, with the occasional brief dip into the mid-40s when things got hairy. FSX should run just fine, and even LockMart’s Prepar3d should run OK. And this is with a relatively old GTX670 video card. It’ll probably be quicker if I pick up even a newer 4GB card (Prepar3d is said to run best on 4GB cards). I just need to find someone that frequently updates video cards to the latest and greatest so that I can scrounge up their unwanted leftovers.