Dangel is the Answer

Crossing Africa. It's ridiculously difficult in any sort of purpose built vehicle. Remember this? Well, it's had me thinking... If I were to cross some sort of inhospitable territory in that part of the globe, what would I take? Defenders are cool, but I want to make this a tad more difficult on myself. A diesel W124 wagon? Eh. I could do worse. Much worse. Or maybe better? Yep. Got it. A Peugeot 504 Dangel.


Yep, that's more like it. There you have your manual diesel wagon for the day. Heck, it'll even be brown after some time in the mud. Happy? The formula is simple for Dangel; lift a Pug a few inches, add 4WD, done. Here's a great view of what's going on underneath. Unfortunately Kinja likes making these photos quite small, so use your imagination! Imagine! Now!

Fortunately, they didn't stop at the 504, they did up the 505. Eventually, they went on to release a prototype 306 Break as well. Lovely.


They even continue on today with the Bipper!


Well, maybe I wouldn't take one on a cross African trek, but they're still incredibly rad, if only for being entirely left field different. No? Please tell me I'm not that crazy.

All photo credits to their respective owners

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