Now I'm jonesing for a Miata.  I actually just found a couple of intriguing examples and did the math, all the while kicking my poor, tired-clutch WRX wagon under the bus.  I'm sorry, Wagon.  I'll never leave you.  Promise. 

It was mostly about downgrading my car so I could put some savings away.  But also about gas mileage.  The wagon used to get 27 on the highway.  Then time passed, and before the clutch started slipping, it got about 25.  I haven't been able to figure out why.  And of course, since I'm a city commuter, I can't even count my highway miles as miles.  An NA Miata would certainly do better, but probably not enough to warrant a switch right now.

The other thing though, the thing about my wagon that it refuses to grow out of...are the noises.  I'm not talking about the wonderous exhaust note or the pleasant turbo whistle.  I mean the sqeaks, and the rattles, and the pesky little creakings that I can't eliminate no matter how hard I try.  Subaru really dropped the ball with their interior fitment.  It's extremely annoying.  Not a dealbreaker, but it doesn't help the wagon's case.  

But what do I know?  I'm 6'3" and would probably struggle to fit into an NA Miata.  I've neither driven nor sat in one.  And I'm not sure how well I'd cope with the speed after being spoiled on a turbo 2 liter.