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Danica on using a simulator to prepare for indy:

“I don’t think it’s very realistic, I think it’s counter-productive or just not productive at all,” says a driver who takes offseason cooking classes.

I’m not one to dig too deeply on drivers at the top level as they have at least some talent to get there and that talent usually is more than any talent you or i possess. However, in looking at who really wins and really is there to challenge for top spots, they share common traits; knowlege of some kind of engineering that takes them to the front (Donohue, DeFerran, Rahal, Unsers) or knowlege of real racecraft to pull off solid and sometimes amazing passes (Mears, Castroneves, Hornish, Foyt, #3 Dale Christ, Senna, Schumacher, Villenuve, or anyonecelse consistently taking 1st -3rd)


But Danica, now in a car that has less downforce than she ever had before in indy, where she will not be able to run flat in the corners as often and NEVER has been able to run in the front on a track where she has to lift and/or shift, is downplaying something the front runners use all the time for strategy and skill maintenance.

I wish her well and always hoped shevwould find a way to win in a real challenging passing and racecraft race, but her consistent reluctance to learn something about the car that her engineer shouldn’t have to interpret for her, and her refusal to enhance craft and skill dooms her.

How long ago did she check in to the Anna Kournikova marketing camp and give up on competitive driving? She only did well on flat footed tracks where the engineer shined....but actual racing....nope. Did we ever see her fight hard for and win a position? Nope. Her finishing position at indy has been stated by herself already. Mid pack at best if she finishes in a car that now needs a skilled driver.

I give her 50% chance to remain in the race after the first 5 laps.

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