I'm going to preface this with I am a woman and have known Fred, aka Porsche 914 for over a year know. Yes, I am actually a women and some of you even know my name and who I am irl.  Porsche914, aka Fred Smith is not misogynistic. He's not minimalizing Danica's accomplishments, merely stating the facts of what qualifying for the Daytona 500 constitutes.  If you follow Fred on Jalopnik and twitter you would know that both Fred and I cheer on not only women, but cheer many other drivers, riders, managers, engineers, car designers, and others in the world of motorsports.  Fred was the one who told me who Leena Gade was and who other women engineers and managers in F1 are. He was excited when her team won the N24 and both tweeted as much and posted an excited,(isn't he always), remark on Jalopnik.  Fred was the one who introduced me to Beth Paretta, Director of SRT Motorsports Marketing and Operations for the Chrysler Group. He's a huge fan of hers. I could go on and list numerous other examples.  While I respect everyone has the right to say what they want, to label Fred as misogynistic is a far cry from the truth of who he really is as a person. Perhaps something was lost in Internet translation. That happens. I would suggest a cooling, look at what he said, who Fred is, and what he stands for.  Heather