Okay so I went into work earlier on my night off to help out and after a pretty good shift went t1ts up rapidly towards the end with a couple of colleagues falling out. Basically one colleague was called out on the fact they hadn't pulled their finger out of their ar5e all night and they then took offence to it. So I retreated home where I have adopted my 'one pint stress relief system'.

You take one Guinness British pint glass you had acquired from a local Guinness selling pub, a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey and a can of 440ml draught Guinness.

You then put about an inch say of whiskey into the bottom of the pint glass.

Then taking the 440ml can of draught Guinness you open it and pour into the glass while holding the glass at a 45 degree angle.


You now wait for said beverage of the gods to settle.


and enjoy.

Sod the world, I'm taking a time out.