We all have skeletons in our closets. I have one that my friends as a young man would have shunned me for if they knew, and deeply upset my children when they discovered it. My wife forgave me long ago, and kind woman that she is, accepts it


So here goes: I confess that I LOVE 1970s country music:

Forgive me, Oppo. But I love it so much. If my SoCal punk rock friends back in the day had known, that would have been it for me, so I used to listen to these records (kept separate from the rest of the collection) by myself in my room with headphones. I still have my 45s, and both of these are in there along with my Jerry Reed, Willie Nelson, and yes, Oppo, even John Denver (although he was a little pop for my taste), and many others. I even have the Urban Cowboy soundtrack somewhere. My dad, an old school Italian from Philly, used to get emotional when “Country Roads” came on, even though his background was blackboard jungle more than Rocky Mountain High.


I get to drive the GTI over the Pacheco Pass to Salinas this morning. If my afternoon meeting doesn’t come together, I am taking the long way back up 198 through the twisties.

Here is my first big takeaway from this car. I have not driven a front wheel drive car in LONG time, and WHOA, the difference is big. Learning curve in play to get back my old Integra skills.


I hope you have a great Monday.