Warning this may be a long rantey post.

So as many of you saw Mass got hit by a nice heavy wet snowstorm last Friday. Well that day was one of my worst on records. First a tiny bit of back story, my MIL was staying at my house and the plan was on Friday she would take my daughter to pick up my wife so they could go to the wake that was Friday. I was going to drop the wife at work with her car and then drive to my work, and meet them at the end of the day. Well the snow got worse and my MIL didn’t feel comfortable driving, nothing like a 2-3" predicted turning into 8-10" of heavy wet snow over freezing rain.

So at about noon I head out from my work in the wifes CX-9 AWD (this thing is a heavy tank). I’m immediately sure that driving in these conditions is a bad idea but onward I press. Non of the roads in Andover have been plowed and its some of the slickest I have ever driven on. I passed multiple accidents on my 5 mile journey to the highway, including one overturned tractor trailer on a back road. None of the highways were plowed and my usual 20 min drive took me near 50 min. After sliding into the gas station to fill up, I headed the last mile to my house. As I turned left slowly onto my street I noticed it had not been plowed yet, knowing its a sharp turn into my driveway I slowed down to around 5mph. I started turning left and then all control of the car was lost, no steering, brakes, etc. I was just sliding, towards the giant tree at the end of my driveway... and THUNK. I had plowed the front passenger side of the bumper smack dab into the tree.

So now mostly pissed off I find I can’t get the car up the driveway as there is about 10" of snow equal to the height of the bumper. I walk the rest of the way up and can’t figure out why the damn garage door wont open, since I need the snow blower. I walk into the front door where my MIL tells me they lost power about 30 min ago. Awesome, I have a well so no power = no water. I pop open the garage door manually, clean the driveway, park the smashed up car. Grab the Fiesta and off we go to get the wife so we can head to this wake.


By now the roads are better, not 100 great, but a lot better so that driving a Fiesta on snow tires is no big deal. I didn’t take the Fiesta in the beginning because its so low to the ground that 4" of snow is plowing. Go to wake yada yada, head home, and find there is still no power. Finally get on the power company’s website and they say Saturday night power should be back on. So I call my mom and we pack up the cat and go spend the night at her house where there is heat and water.

Finally got power back on late Saturday night after nearly 30 hours with no power at the house. Picked up a rental on sat since I’m not comfortable driving the CX-9 until I know I didn’t do any major damage (fender moved, headlight mounting broke, smashed the crash bar). And the rental 2014 Focus with 34k has a bad transmission (stupid ford DCT) so I will have to return it this week after the body shop appt tomorrow for the CX-9.


Have some more photos, it densest look that bad but all the plastic behind the bumper is trash and the radiator fans are especially loose right now.