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Darren Has Been Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting

In a deleted Twitter post from Cheshire West earlier this year, “Darren” demonstrates why some potholes don’t need to be patched.

Further along the road another potential problem has been reported. Darren inspects it and explains that as it is under 50mm no action needs to be taken at this time


Met with instant backlash, the tweet was briefly defended by @Go_CheshireWest before being taken down. But the internet never forgets, and his questionable method is preserved for all to see.

And meme.

Cheshire West left a similar tweet up, one that cast Darren’s method in a more favorable light and promised to repair a different pothole. This gave Twitter users a place to respond to the deleted tweet, where you can find more hilarious memes. Click through the embed below to view them.

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