Apparently Americans no longer want big sedans! The Hyundai Sonata lost nearly 50% of its sales! The Malibu, which we were just praising for having its best year ever dropped 43%! (Luckily, 43!% is not a factor here). Compact CUVs are completely annihilating the segment!! It’s Mortal Kombat out here, sedans are in the corner and these CUVs wont stop trippin’! So what does this mean if you want a Fusion, Accord, or Mazda6?

It means the new models are about to be rushed out to market as soon as possible! The new Camry will probably be parachuting into dealers soon. That Hyundai Sonata refresh just went from “Fall of 2017" to being revealed in the next week and on sale around the end of March! The Subaru Legacy update was already revealed this week. You may have missed it, it was the lede photo...

I’m sure we will see the all new generations of the Accord and Altima very soon and on sale the same day they hit the stage. Mazda6 and Fusion will likely be pushed to appearing 6 months ahead of schedule and I’m sure the Kia Optima will get a Stinger touch up before Fall. Really, only Chevy may go from sitting at the front of the class to that creepy old dude in the back in less than one year. We may see a refreshed Malibu in 2018!

If you know you want to buy a midsized sedan this Spring then perhaps you should put it off. You’ll have incentives to get rid of the previous model year on top of incentives to sale the new model year on top of the entire segment fighting to keep their “best selling (insert brand) in America” hertitages. Seriously, many of these sedans have been the best selling vehicles for these brands for decades in the US! Money will be thrown at you so wear a raincoat and work that twerk.

I’m talking 5:00 Free Trunk Giveaway all summer long! Better tell your momma and bring the kids!