Das Awkscht Fescht: A Little Soggy...

Photo taken at 9am.

I went to a car show last weekend with a friend (Das Awkscht Fescht). We got ~2-3 inches of rain the night before (about an inch of that fell during my 80 mile drive there on Friday), on top of the ~9 inches of rain the area got the week previous. Needless to say, it was a bit wet...

Also 9am.

The flea market was a disaster. The areas that weren’t in standing water were in deep mud. There were still some deals to be had though.

Photo taken at 1pm.

By 1pm, the water receded quite a bit. The ground was still saturated, however.

The show area itself wasn’t too bad. I didn’t grab many photos, but I did take some. It was still a good show, and one we will not forget anytime soon!


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