As you probably know, I run a dash cam. I use it to make videos like this one:

My camera, a G1W-H, served me very well for two years, but damage to the charging port means it will no longer accept a charge, or even run under plug power. I’d happily replace it with another G1W-H, but there’s one small complaint I have. The G1W-H, like most dash cams, has a fisheye lens. This gives you a wider field of vision (140°, or 120° on the normal G1W), but has a distinct effect on depth perception. It makes things in front of you look quite a bit farther away. Basically, if I’m going to be bitching about other people’s driving, it really doesn’t help to have a camera that turns half a car length into three car lengths. What I’m wondering is, are there any good, preferably sub $100 dash cams out there with a flat, non-fisheye lens? I’d happily give up some field of vision width for more accurate depth.

Update: After doing some more internet reading, I came to the same conclusion that I did two years ago; that the Black Box G1W was the best value in dash-camming, depth perception be damned. The newer, updated G1W-CB was $50 on Amazon with free two day shipping. I had a $50 Amazon gift card. The new cam should be here tomorrow!